Word To The Church In Kenya 2005

Delivered November 19, 2005, at Bikeke, Kenya

Relevant Scriptures: Exodus 14:21,22; 1 Cor. 10:1-2; Acts 27:12-15; Psalm 138:1-3 & 7-8

The Lord spoke to me of an east wind coming to His church in Kenya. We see in the scriptures that an east wind was always a harsh, rough wind. When it blew across Israel it stripped the crops. It was also known for setting ships off course. The east wind was not a welcome wind in Israel. Therefore the Lord says this is not a word that you will want to hear, nevertheless it must be heard. He is allowing this wind to come in order to cleanse and purify His Kenya church.

In Exodus 14: 21-22 we see that God sent an east wind to divide the waters of the Red Sea when Israel was coming out of Egypt. In scripture, Egypt is representative of the world and all its compromises. 1 Corinthians 10:1-2 tells us that when the Israelites crossed over between the walls of water, they were baptised into Moses. In other words, this crossing over was a shadow of water baptism. The sea became a place of baptism, and that place was provided for them by the strong east wind which parted the waters. The Lord is saying there is a coming “baptism of fire” for the church in Kenya which will come with this spiritual east wind He is sending. Through tribulation a Bride will come forth in Kenya fit for the Lord.

Furthermore in Acts 27:13,14 we read “and when the south wind blew softly, supposing that they had obtained their desire, putting out to sea, they sailed close by Crete. But not long after, a tempestuous head wind arose, called Euroclydon. So when the ship was caught and could not head into the wind, we let her drive.” By a word of knowledge, Paul had warned those in charge of the ship that they were headed for disaster (v.10), but his advice was not heeded. Deceived by a peaceful south wind, those on board believed they were safe. But suddenly a tempestuous head wind arose and set the ship off course. The name of this wind, Euroclydon, means “north east wind”.

I believe the Lord is saying it shall seem for a time to many in the church that they are headed for peace and safety, and this may be so for a season. However, this is not a time for the church to slumber. It is a time to prepare for what is coming, for the east wind will surely come to Kenya. The church leaders are to take these days of relative calm to prepare and strengthen the church so she may stand in Christ when the future time of testing comes.

The Lord also gave Psalm 138:1-3 and 7-8, and said there is revival coming to the Kenyan church and it will be a revival of the pure Word of God. Fear of the Lord will settle on the true Kenyan bride-church. Kenyans will go forth to other African nations and to the world bearing a pure and uncompromised Word of the Lord spoken in all truth and authority. But this revival is coming forth through tribulation. The Lord will have for Himself a Bride-church in Kenya who reflects His holiness and His glory.

The Lord’s message to the Kenyan church is “prepare a place for Me”. It is to be the first place, the pre-eminent place, the same place Mary of Bethany gave Him as she sat at His feet and learned of Him. Leaders should take stock of their lives and their ministries, and should prepare their people. He is coming to find a place for Himself, not just to visit, but to dwell. You shall see the Lord high and lifted up over Kenya, but in the midst of trouble. The Lord says “when you see the east wind begin to blow across your nation, know it is I, and prepare for Me.”

The Lord did not give me any specific time frames for the coming of this “east wind” and I do not set forth dates or seasons. This word, as all prophetic words, should be brought before the Lord in prayerful intercession, and tested by the Spirit and the Word by the Kenyan church.

Submitted with respect to the church in Kenya,

Cheryl McGrath

Great South Land Ministries, Australia